Archives for November 2012

Debugging remote iframed sites

NOTE: This article is focused on users of Windows. The principles, however, should be the same for other operating systems. The software product which I work on allows for it to be iframed. Furthermore, our product dispatches a series of JavaScript events that the web page which iframes it can act on. As an example, […]

Inspecting iPad and iPhone requests on Windows

In my daily work, I often need to test our application on actual devices that will access it, especially devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. A great tool for inspecting what is being requested is named Fiddler. Fiddler allows you to monitor and follow traffic between a device and a server, including your […]

5 JavaScript assumptions that stole my time

Through my career, I have come to the realization that “assumptions” is in itself an area with a lot of depth. As software developers, we constantly make assumptions about our own and other people’s code not to mention the languages and tools we work with. When debugging we are required to challenge these assumptions, but […]