MSBuild Task dll locked by Visual Studio

Through MSBuild we are able to control how we wish to process and build our software. A nice feature of this is the ability to create custom Tasks. A Task is a unit of executable code used by MSBuild to perform atomic build operations. MSDN Creating a custom Tasks allows us to hook into the […]

Do Git file renaming by itself

Often it would seem that you can throw anything at Git and it will automatically know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, though, Git simply does not have a fighting chance! Git recognizes file content and not names meaning it uses an algorithm to determine when two files with different names are in fact revisions of […]

My development setup

The tools you use in your daily work can be very personal. Some of them are kind of a must have in regards to the team you are a part of while others depend on personal preference. Here is what I have installed and am actively using. 1. Visual Studio 2012 Our application runs ASP.NET […]