My development setup

The tools you use in your daily work can be very personal. Some of them are kind of a must have in regards to the team you are a part of while others depend on personal preference. Here is what I have installed and am actively using.

1. Visual Studio 2012
Our application runs ASP.NET WebForms so this kind dictates the use of Visual Studio. However over the last 2 years I have been working a lot with JavaScript and since the release of VS 2012 I am starting to be quite happy with the IDE in this regard.

2. Web Essentials 2012
If you work with JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc then this is a must have. Mads Kristensen is doing a really good jobs with this extension. The rapid release cycles makes it very dependable and up to date.

3. Git + Git Bash
Would not have it any other way. Seriously, I have worked with Vault, TFS, SVN & Git. For me git is Rock & Roll compared to all of these.

4. Git Source Control Provider
I use this mainly for 1 thing. The icons that it adds to visual studio gives me an easy overview over the state of different files when I am working. I do however also use it for other things like starting git bash, viewing file history, comparing 2 files and finally having an in-my-face bar showing what branch I am in.

5. Git Extensions
This is required for Git Source Control Provider to be working. It also allows you to easily setup things like DiffMerge for resolving conflicts.

6. ReSharper
I really do not use more than maybe 1% of what resharper can do but there are a few things that i cannot live without. CTRL + D (duplicate line/selection), CTRL + T (find class), CTRL + SHIFT + T (find file).

7. AttachTo
This is a nifty little extension for visual studio that allows for easy debugging attachment to the w3wp process especially if you assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

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