Dotless dynamic server-side values

Using the dotless HttpHandler, we can easily start transforming our less files into rendered CSS. But if we want to manipulate variable values before it is processed, we have to do a bit of manual work. Let’s take a look at how this can be done. In this example, we have a list-element using 2 […]

MSBuild Task dll locked by Visual Studio

Through MSBuild we are able to control how we wish to process and build our software. A nice feature of this is the ability to create custom Tasks. A Task is a unit of executable code used by MSBuild to perform atomic build operations. MSDN Creating a custom Tasks allows us to hook into the […]

dotless: Base64 encoded SVG gradient backgrounds

Some time back I had to implement background color multi-stop gradients that could be used in IE9 and since linear-gradient is not supported I had to look at SVG-based CSS background-image gradients. There is, however, the small twist that I am using dotless and the colors are supplied by a database so the solution needs […]

How to write a dotless plugin

If you are using dotless you probably know it does more than just port less.js, it also extends it with custom functions like those listed below. rgb(red, green, blue) floor(number) ispercentage(anything) These functions allow you to do powerful server-side computation and use the result within your stylesheet. What might not be so well known is […]