Backbone.js declarative is-key events

You want to hide a dom element when some key triggers “keyup”. This is a fairly simple scenario where your code just might end up looking like this. So what is the problem? The problem is that closeDialog() has two very clear and very different responsibilities. 1. Determine what key triggered the “keyup” event 2. […]

Dotless dynamic server-side values

Using the dotless HttpHandler, we can easily start transforming our less files into rendered CSS. But if we want to manipulate variable values before it is processed, we have to do a bit of manual work. Let’s take a look at how this can be done. In this example, we have a list-element using 2 […]

MSBuild Task dll locked by Visual Studio

Through MSBuild we are able to control how we wish to process and build our software. A nice feature of this is the ability to create custom Tasks. A Task is a unit of executable code used by MSBuild to perform atomic build operations. MSDN Creating a custom Tasks allows us to hook into the […]

Do Git file renaming by itself

Often it would seem that you can throw anything at Git and it will automatically know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, though, Git simply does not have a fighting chance! Git recognizes file content and not names meaning it uses an algorithm to determine when two files with different names are in fact revisions of […]

JavaScript function memoization

I have previously written about JavaScript functions having properties. I provided a fairly simple example of how this works. Another way this can be utilized is when doing function memoization. Memoization optimizes speed of function execution by avoiding repeating calculations for previously passed inputs. This means that a memoized function remembers the computed result for […]