Dotless dynamic server-side values

Using the dotless HttpHandler, we can easily start transforming our less files into rendered CSS. But if we want to manipulate variable values before it is processed, we have to do a bit of manual work. Let’s take a look at how this can be done. In this example, we have a list-element using 2 […]

dotless: Base64 encoded SVG gradient backgrounds

Some time back I had to implement background color multi-stop gradients that could be used in IE9 and since linear-gradient is not supported I had to look at SVG-based CSS background-image gradients. There is, however, the small twist that I am using dotless and the colors are supplied by a database so the solution needs […]

Transitionend will not fire with transition duration zero

The CSS transition event ‘transitionend’ will not be fired if the ‘transition-duration’ applied to an element is zero. This might be very logical in the sense that “how can a transition end if it never begins?”. Still this can pose a problem. example: Let’s say you have a list of 40 horizontally aligned images. We […]

Using iframes with mobile safari

If you wish to use iframes on a website or application that should be accessible by users on mobile safari you should be aware that you cannot constrain the width and height of the iframe on your side. If the content that is loaded within the iframe is higher or wider than what you intended, […]