Inspecting iPad and iPhone requests on Windows


In my daily work, I often need to test our application on actual devices that will access it, especially devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. A great tool for inspecting what is being requested is named Fiddler. Fiddler allows you … [Continue reading]

5 JavaScript assumptions that stole my time

Through my career, I have come to the realization that "assumptions" is in itself an area with a lot of depth. As software developers, we constantly make assumptions about our own and other people's code not to mention the languages and tools we work … [Continue reading]

Transitionend will not fire with transition duration zero

The CSS transition event 'transitionend' will not be fired if the 'transition-duration' applied to an element is zero. This might be very logical in the sense that "how can a transition end if it never begins?". Still this can pose a problem. … [Continue reading]

Avoiding cross-site scripting issues with iframes

At iPaper we often have clients who want to iframe our catalogs as well as interact with these. But when working with iframes, you will run into cross-site scripting limitations if both the parent and child page do not have the same origin. By "same … [Continue reading]

Programmatically opening a new tab/window on Mobile Safari

On iOS devices using mobile safari your can easily navigate the user to another website or page using ordinary links and the location object. However, if you want to programmatically open a new tab or window then this is not easily done. Sure, if the … [Continue reading]