JavaScript function properties

One of my favorite parts of JavaScript is that functions are first-class objects. This might sound trivial but does, in fact, have some very useful implications in that a function is just a type of object with the same behavior as "regular" objects. … [Continue reading]

dotless: Base64 encoded SVG gradient backgrounds

Some time back I had to implement background color multi-stop gradients that could be used in IE9 and since linear-gradient is not supported I had to look at SVG-based CSS background-image gradients. There is, however, the small twist that I am using … [Continue reading]

How to write a dotless plugin

If you are using dotless you probably know it does more than just port less.js, it also extends it with custom functions like those listed below. rgb(red, green, blue) floor(number) ispercentage(anything) These functions allow you to … [Continue reading]

My development setup

The tools you use in your daily work can be very personal. Some of them are kind of a must have in regards to the team you are a part of while others depend on personal preference. Here is what I have installed and am actively using. 1. Visual … [Continue reading]

Debugging remote iframed sites

NOTE: This article is focused on users of Windows. The principles, however, should be the same for other operating systems. The software product which I work on allows for it to be iframed. Furthermore, our product dispatches a series of … [Continue reading]